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Vets Beyond the VA

This Workshop lead by Kevin O'Donoghue LMHC and Kate Kalin LMHC  is the beginning of a pilot program being developed by The Foundation for Positive Psychology with the intention and goal of:

• hearing and learning about current needs and stressors in the daily functioning of veterans

• what has worked for them in the past and more importsntly what has not worked

• establishing therapeutic treatment protocols that serve them individually as opposed to organizational or hospital therapeutic protocols

• creating programs based exclusively on the veteran’s feedback

• to better understand the veteran experience ad to establish channels to their communities

The structure of the group is an interactive meeting for 2 hours and is limited to 15 participants.  Each participant will be offered a $10.00 stipend for travel expenses and refreshments will be served.  We will conduct 4 separate  groups per month in order to accommodate participant’s schedules.  

In addition we are offering to qualifying veterans, and their families  an opportunity to participate in either a (6) six session process group with other veterans and/or family members or individual short term therapy also (6) sessions completely free of charge.