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The Need:
1 in 4 adults are currently coping with a mental
health issue or know someone who is.

Our Vision: 
To destigmatize mental health and elevate treatment to a standard of importance as one's physical health.


At The Foundation for Positive Psychology we attempt to normalize and “de-stigmatize” mental health treatment and services by educating the public about the dramatic changes in our society, and the effects of it’s stressors on all human beings. 

Our Impact:
Drive change in public policy and the perception of mental health.


Giving Back - Our Mission: The Positive Mind Center has established The Foundation for Positive Psychology in order to offer the same accessible, positive, mental health support, education, and interventions to qualifying individuals, families, and communities in need.

We will do this by providing:

  1. Mental Health services provided by licensed professionals for people in crisis and underserved communities, including but not limited to: US servicemen and their families; individuals exposed to acute stress-related events such as sexual assault, terror related attacks, natural disasters, cultural violence, hate crimes, cyber-bullying, etc; individuals and communities struggling with the epidemic of opioid addiction.

  2. Educational activities that promote positive mental health practices through the following activities:

    1. Production of a live radio show broadcast on public radio that informs the general public about mental health issues and healing modalities and forms of support.

    2. Workshops, webinars, educational tools and materials, instructional videos, etc.

    3. Aligning with governmental agencies and public policy statements that promote good mental health practices.