Psychiatry is supportive to mental health treatment insofar as a psychiatrist can prescribe and monitor the use of medications to alleviate symptoms of mental or emotional distress that are interfering with the quality of one's life.  Integrative Neurology is a holistic approach to common neurological imbalances. 

Dr. Kent RobertshAw, MD

Kent is a graduate of Cornell Medical School, There he received a special award for his research into the mind-body connection. Dr. Robertshaw has expertise in addiction treatment including many different kinds of compulsive behaviors including love addiction, sex addiction, food addiction, work addiction etc… Using an innovative treatment approach, he has helped hundreds of clients stop compulsive destructive behavior who have failed other treatment modalities.


Leslie Marino

Dr Leslie Marino, MD

Dr. Marino specializes in the treatment of mood, anxiety and substance use disorders. Dr. Marino works collaboratively with clients using a person-centered approach and shared decision-making process to improve her clients’ mental health and overall sense of well-being.



Dr. Cristian Enescue, MD
Integrative Neurology

Dr. Enescue specializes in abnormalities of the nervous system that may cause neurological conditions and issues. Dr. Enescue treats these conditions by creating an integrative treatment plan which may involve medication management, special therapies, and lifestyle changes.

Contact: 732-557-6331