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Hosted by Kevin O’Donoghue, LMHC discusses the entire spectrum of mental health issues and topics, focusing on thelatest healing modalities, current authors and their work, and frequent guests to help the listener lead a more positively minded life.

From a Listener:  "On November 28, 2017 I listened to a remarkable show on WBAI. The Positive Mind presented a discussion about motherhood, postpartum depression and the changes and challenges new mothers face. The show's guest, Paige Bellenbaum, was as good as guests get — I continue to reflect on how informative and accessible and real  the show was, and how very engaged Paige was with her subject. When the host invited listeners to call in, the conversations that followed were remarkable. They were somehow intimate and universal at the same time. The callers were really embraced —and helped— by Ms Bellenbaum's compassion and understanding. Host Kevin O'Donoghue grasped and appreciated the subject so easily and, it seemed, intuitively and he led a very valuable discussion skillfully and compassionately. He was very comfortable being part of a discussion about women's health and the plight of mothers. The important conversation between Paige and the show's host, Kevin O'Donoghue, really raised the bar for the station's interviews and for conversations with listeners"

Elements of Positive Psychology


Getting The Love You Want with Harville Hendrix PhD, Helen LaKelly Hunt PhD and Carol Kramer LCSW


Post Partum Depression and Anxiety with Paige Bellenbaum of The Motherhood Center