The use of alternative therapies while working with a psychotherapist or psychiatrist can help an individual heal chronic or acute physical pain.  Our practitioners work in conjunction with our therapists and also as stand-alone therapists to foster well being. Coaching provides goal oriented guidance for individuals who need support making lasting changes in career, lifestyle and health.

Niseema Dyan Diemer

Niseema Dyan Diemer, LMT, BCPP, SEP

Niseema’s specialty is helping people find ease in an anxious world.  With the body as the focus of her work she teaches her clients through experiences of touch, tools for grounding and awareness how to manage anxiety in a holistic drugless way. She has extensive training in Therapeutic and Ayurvedic massage, Body Centered Counseling, Somatic Intuitive Dialog and Somatic Experiencing. She works as an adjunct to traditional psychotherapy and as a stand alone therapy to assist the healing of touch related trauma, injuries, difficult diagnosis, anxiety and psychosomatic pain.


Eulix Vargas LAC        

Eulix Vargas L.Ac is a licensed and board certified acupuncturist in New York, NY.  Her mission is to educate and empower people to take responsibility of their own health.  She seeks to help families achieve optimal health by balancing their physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of their lives by using safe, gentle, and natural healing techniques. 


Kelley Joyce_001_F.jpg

Kelley Joyce, MBA
Executive Coaching

Kelley is an executive coach to professionals who struggle with finding and growing careers they love.  She has a special blend of head and heart-centered leadership, and uses traditional business tactics combined with holistic and metaphysical practices.  Kelley is a certified Recovery Coach and a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessor.